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Get a Handle on Your Requisitions and Invoice Approvals with ReQlogic

Most companies, regardless of size or industry, need to buy goods and services it needs to operate or manufacture products. A business may spend up to 70 percent of every revenue dollar on everything from raw materials to tech services, and since the recession there has been a much greater focus on streamlining purchasing as a way to lower operating costs.

Getting a Handle on Requisitions and and Invoice Approvals with reQlogic

Traditionally, the purchasing process involves submitting a requisition, soliciting bids or floating RFQs, generating a purchase order, shipping advice, invoices, and tracking payments – it can be unacceptably slow, expensive, and labor intensive, whether the item being purchased is a box of ball point pens or a ten thousand dollar piece of specialty equipment.  Purchasing is essentially thought of as a clerical function, focused on getting the right quantity and quality of goods to the right place at the right time at the best price.  But in recent years, many companies have tried and succeeded in reaping bottom-line gains through revamping their purchasing processes.

For companies that are using Microsoft Dynamics ERP products, an add-on called ReQlogic can help you automate your purchasing and vendor invoicing cycles, improving the efficiency and accuracy of transactions and driving down costs. With ReQlogic’s easy to use browser-based interface and real-time integration with Microsoft Dynamics, employees can submit and review transactions anytime, from anywhere.

ReQlogic allows you to define approval and workflow steps based on any attributes of a transaction: value, type, commodity, user, department, group, project, GL code, vendor, item, budget, personal authorization level or you can define you own fields. Authorized reviewers may make changes to the transaction, delegate to another reviewer for approval, or ask a question of another user who can respond, or reject a transaction.

The power of ReQlogic extends beyond traditional purchasing workflows.

  • Expense Reporting/ReimbursementEmployees can enter their expense reports, or import expenses from bank and credit card accounts regardless of the originating currency. ReQlogic ensures that the appropriate approval takes place and complies with departmental budgets. Real-time integration into the ERP eliminates duplicate entry.
  • Online ReceivingReQlogic provides a decentralized approach to receiving goods so that users in remote locations can create receiving transactions and facilitate the invoice matching process.
  • Connect To Your Vendors’ CatalogsReQlogic “PunchOut” feature allows a buyer to access a supplier’s website from within ReQlogic. After purchasing and “checking out” of the vendor’s system, the contents of the shopping cart are transferred into an open requisition, which in turn is routed for appropriate approval(s) and converted to a purchase order.

Additionally, ReQlogic’s mobile interface enables users to use their mobile devices to track the status of requisitions and expenses, review requisitions, expenses and vendor invoices, and take approval actions, as needed.  You can also process non-PO vendor invoices and check requests, and attach scanned documents so that reviewers are able to make informed decisions. Real-time integration into the ERP eliminates duplicate entry and its multi-language capabilities (including double-byte characters) and seamless integration with all of the Microsoft Dynamics ERPs make it the solution that partners recommend most to their customers.

If you are among the many businesses that need help streamlining your purchasing processes, contact us. We are Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and expert in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics.