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What’s an ERP System and Does Your Company Need One?

Enterprise Resource Planing SystemWhen your business grows from a few employees to a dozen or more, it can become time consuming to track and monitor all the details that need to be attended to by each department or individual.  Having an ERP system – that is, an “Enterprise Resource Planning” system — is one way to improve the functioning of your business processes, both daily and long-term. ERP systems are used by companies of all sizes – the larger the enterprise, the greater the potential need.

A good ERP system helps you to view and manage day-to-day operations from a single interface, providing you with better decision-making ability. It can help your business streamline workflows, saving time and effort wasted by employees having to access multiple sources of data for everything they need to complete their daily tasks.

An integrated ERP system allows for automation and interaction among various departments to coordinate respective activities, for example, sales department with marketing department; inventory management with warehouse or suppliers; all departments with accounting.  Not only does this help streamline workflows, but it reduces errors by eliminating the need to aggregate data manually.

Accountnet is a value-added reseller and Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft ERP software: Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL. We help our clients select, install and configure an ERP system that best matches their business’s needs.

Depending on the industry you’re in, ERP can be configured with different modules, for instance, a service-based organization may be heavily dependent on tracking project costs across multiple client accounts; a manufacturing will want integrated production planning, goods movement, purchases and inventory functionality.

If your curious about ERP, you can check out one of Microsoft’s live or recorded webcasts.  Of interest to those who haven’t yet explored how an ERP system can benefit them, we recommend “Evaluating Microsoft Dynamics ERP for Your Small or Mid-Sized Business? Get Answers to the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions.” This session is targeted to any business that believe it is outgrowing entry-level accounting software, rubber-banding an outdated legacy solution or simply tired of paying annual maintenance fees to a vendor that provides little to no value for your money.

Regardless of industry or where you are in your vendor selection cycle, Accountnet can help you assess your specific business needs and propose a solution that makes sense and will allow for continued growth. Contact us to learn more.

Compliance in an Ever Changing Regulatory Environment

Compliance Requirements | MS Dynamics GPIf you work in an industry that is regulated by Federal, State or local agencies then you know that compliance requirements are very different now than they were a few years ago. While trying to predict what new regulations and standards and will look like in the years to come may be futile, changes to regulatory policy are inevitable and compliance guidelines will continue to evolve as globalization, public awareness, and government interaction increases.

Regardless of what changes are implemented, one thing is certain: you will need better tracking and reporting around your processes in order to prove your compliance with whatever new standards are implemented within your industry.  The system you have in place – whether it’s an Excel-based spreadsheet solution or a full-blown ERP system – will need to be flexible if it is to be useful going forward.

Maintaining compliance with regulatory obligations doesn’t need to be difficult and should not be viewed as a pointless chore.  Good monitoring can help you avoid lawsuits, fines, or worse – a ruined reputation within the industry – while also pointing out ways to improve employee productivity and efficiencies.  All of that can lead to a healthier bottom line.

A comprehensive ERP solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, can simplify your compliance and reporting processes. Managing your company’s finances, manufacturing and distribution operations, human resources and payroll, inventory and other core business functions from a central tool makes it much easier to find the data you are looking for, for compliance or other reasons. Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers robust reporting capabilities that allow you to choose the type of report from the hundreds of standard reports that are included.  As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, Accountnet helps clients in a variety of industries customize their own special reports based on their compliance reporting needs.

Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers many time-saving automation features.  The “Microsoft Office-like” interface is familiar and easy to learn, and specific data can be shared with just those people that need to use it.

As compliance becomes more rigorous, your system should be able to handle all your current processes and adapt to any new ones that may need to be initiated as a result of changes to industry regulations. Microsoft Dynamics is designed so that you can comply with existing and future regulations in a way that is minimally disruptive to your operation.  Contact us at Accountnet to get started.  There is no charge for a preliminary discussion around your compliance reporting requirements. Analyses are first come first serve.