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What to Expect for ERP in 2016

Back in May 2014, while reporting on the growth of cloud ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics, we cited a study conducted by Gartner, Survey Analysis: Adoption of Cloud ERP, 2013 Through 2023, which looked at the adoption rates among organizations moving their core ERP systems to the cloud.  In addition to predicting that half of the surveyed companies would eventually embrace cloud ERP, the Gartner survey saw an increase in the number of small and medium-sized businesses embracing both ERP and mobile-accessible solutions.

Great Mobility & Accessibility

ERP in 2016

With mobile device use now outpacing desktop computing, it’s inevitable that ERP products will continue to make remote accessibility a priority in 2016. Business professionals in any size company need the ability to retrieve and share information through mobile devices which has led more ERP players to build apps and/or mobile-friendly user interfaces to access reports and dashboards. User experience has come a long way since ERP’s early days, with a minimal, intuitive design built around the user’s role and needs.

Smaller Companies Adopting ERP Solutions

With products like Microsoft Dynamics offering greater customization and mobile-accessibility, small and medium businesses have greater incentive to adopt ERP solutions for their organizations. Cloud-based options (which offer quicker implementations and fewer internal IT requirements) mean that ERP is no longer just for the large enterprise; even small start-ups can consider ERP options without having to make a large investment in IT infrastructure. Expect to see more SMBs getting on board with cloud ERP in the upcoming year.

Continued Focus on Security

Data breaches and security threats are pervasive and growing, particularly when it comes to large-scale enterprise data (think banks and retailers). Last week we addressed some of the concerns around security of cloud ERP systems, and expect that providers will continue to improve data encryption and security practices, and work on additional safeguards to ensure your business data is not compromised.

Whatever the New Year may bring, Accountnet (a Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft Dynamics) will continue its long history of working with clients to ensure their ERP selection, implementation and rollout goes smoothly. Contact us for a free needs assessment.

Speedy & Secure Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP continues to change the way businesses manage and report data, with companies no longer needing to purchase and maintain costly hardware to store data or run applications.  But what is the impact on performance and security?  These are important considerations when shopping for a cloud ERP solution as your business operations will them be dependent on the service provider.

Speedy & Secure Cloud ERP | AccountnetConcerns about performance are easily addressed; in a nutshell, cloud ERP software often outperforms on-premise solutions. Software running in the cloud is designed to operate well over networks and the system architecture gives more consistent performance. When there are usage surges, your cloud provider can provide extra resources to your business. Additionally, employees accessing real-time company data at anytime from anywhere in the world are likely to experience much better performance as compared to connecting to a company network through a VPN or other remote solution.

Security questions to consider when choosing a provider include:

  • How often back-ups of the data run? Good providers may back up your information several times each day.
  • Who else may be accessing your data, and for what purposes? Find out whether your cloud storage area is shared or private.
  • What data encryption method does the service provider use? Are all security practices up to date? What additional safeguards does the cloud provider have in place to ensure your data is not compromised?
  • Security needs to include passwords that are not easily hacked. Your cloud service provider should require high quality passwords and force passwords to be changed at a regular intervals for added security.

At Accountnet, we have a deep understanding of ERP performance and security issues and a long history helping our clients deploy cloud ERP systems.  Contact us today for a free needs assessment.