MODULE SPOTLIGHT: Full Circle Budgeting

Budgeting / Full Circle Budget simplifies and automates budgeting and forecasting from Excel into Dynamics.

Full Circle Budget is NOT a budgeting software. It is an essential tool that overcomes common pitfalls and frustrations of budgeting in Excel. If Excel is your Budget Software, then you need Full Circle Budget. During the budget process, Full Circle Budget saves your budget data from Excel directly to the accounting system enabling analysis of budget information via any reporting software.

  • EASY: Add or change budget entries directly in Excel in the format designed by YOUR company.
  • FLEXIBLE: Structure data in rows, columns or a combination of both. 
  • CONFIGURABLE: Arrange Periods, Accounts and Budget IDs in almost any format imaginable. Connect a single definition to different companies. 
  • VERSATILE: Save budget entries in real time or in batch mode.  Optionally turn off pending change notification when closing workbook in Excel.
  • EFFICIENT: Add and track new account numbers automatically (GP Only).
  • DETAIL: Support budget entries via comments or line item detail. 
  • SECURE: Disable and/or password protect Full Circle Budget definitions controlling budget updates.
  • CONTROL: Log all budget entries and retrieve previous versions of budget templates via workbook tracking 
  • MAINTAIN: Enter/update budget amounts directly in Full Circle Budget.
  • STAND ALONE: Save budget amounts to Full Circle Budget data warehouse table.

For more enterprise solutions Adaptive Planning is available.

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