Consulting by Industry

Financial Services

One of our specialties is working with financial services firms. Many years of experience working in this industry have enabled us to address these companies’ special needs regarding importing and exporting data from outside software and to report on user-defined elements such as deals, projects, departments, partners and locations. Such developments have positively impacted one client’s business, with as much as 15% of revenue previously wasted on unintentional inefficiencies now being channeled directly into increased shareholder value annuity stream that provides ongoing benefits for everyone. Accountnet directly supports the tristate Northeast market for Microsoft Dynamics; we also manage Microsoft Dynamics affiliates at satellite offices throughout the United States and abroad to ensure local quality.

Non Profits / Associations

Accountnet works with nonprofit organizations and associations to develop and implement effective financial and budgeting systems. As we do with all our clients, for nonprofits we define organizational needs and recommend solutions. Our goal is to create a positive awareness of the organization’s technology infrastructure with regard to the audit process and Microsoft as a whole.

We know that each nonprofit organization has individual needs, which is why we work with each of them on a one-on-one basis to develop daily procedures and strategies that are matched to a growth plan tailored to fit each group. The result is better tracking of all revenue streams and costs incurred in order to make informed decisions throughout the current budget year and into the years ahead.

Project-centric Companies

Accountnet has extensive experience with companies that track time, expenses and overhead for each project in order to bill these back to their clients. These companies may also allow project managers to view the status of their projects against budget in real time on the Web in order to allocate resources and change order adjustments as needed. Accountnet has set up project-based accounting systems for government contractors, advertising agencies, management consulting firms and other companies with tracking and accounting needs.

Hundreds of nonprofit, financial services, healthcare, government, banking and communications companies use Accountnet to reduce outside consulting time and gain insight into targeted areas of development.