Acumatica Cloud ERP and Reporting

As smaller businesses come to embrace Enterprise Resource Planning software (either as an on-premises installation or by leveraging the growing number of cloud ERP providers), we see that systems are often badly implemented.  Perhaps it’s because the vendor miscalculated the implementation costs, or poor planning ran up the budget, causing the customer to scale back on functionality and sacrifice the more powerful features. Or maybe the customer hadn’t taken steps to ensure adoption of the new system.

Regardless of the reasons, one area that is often overlooked during the planning and scoping of an ERP implementation are the reporting needs.  Reporting is a clear point of frustration for smaller companies, many of whom may have becoming used to the flexibility of reporting in QuickBooks.  The majority of small business users will have no internal resources to work with products like Crystal Reports.  So it’s important when considering any ERP software solution to take a look at the reporting tools that are available for the platform.acumatica

One ERP system with a very good set of reporting features is Acumatica.  Acumatica offers cloud-based ERP applications for small and midsized businesses including financial management, distribution, CRM, and project accounting suites.  Acumatica also includes a set of general purpose reporting tools that and tailored to meet the information needs of all roles and people in your organization and can be used to deliver customized views of business data to every department in your organization.

Acumatica’s reporting dashboards present summarized views of key information using tables, pie charts, and other graphics. Clicking on a web-based dashboard element enables users to drill-down to successively higher levels of detail. Each user can design their own dashboard with little or no training to deliver real-time information, customized for their particular needs, and each can create their own “home” dashboard as well dashboards for different modules.

Acumatica provides a desktop application and web based tools for developing new reports.  The desktop application allows you to create new reports or customize any predefined report using a visual report designer. The web based reporting engine allows you to create reports which are tightly integrated with your general ledger account and sub account structures across multiple ledgers. The report writer allows you to specify row sets, column sets, and unit sets to create complex reports with a hierarchical drill down structure.

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