Affordable Cloud ERP for Small to Medium Businesses

Cloud ERP Solutions | Accountnet | New York, NYNot too long ago, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software meant spending tens of thousands of dollars, and required months of customization and training, which made this essential business planning tool out of reach for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs).  But with the advent of cloud ERP solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics, young companies can finally take advantage of what is becoming a business-critical tool to help better manage and track production, order processing, cash flow, orders, payroll and much more.

SMBs have already embraced cloud technology for resource-intensive functions like data storage, web hosting and email, but many are still struggling to find solutions for managing day-to-day business processes. Failing to get a handle of these processes can hinder a company from moving ahead with the critical planning required to grow the business. Many SMBs start with QuickBooks and build on it, integrating spreadsheet solutions and/or third-party add-ons, cobbling together home-grown systems for managing finance, purchasing, sales, etc.  Even the best of these systems will present problems scaling, and they lack the robust tracking and reporting features that would offer management the necessary insight to make better business decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a great solution for SMBs that find themselves searching for an ERP provider, as there are no hardware purchase (which means a lower initial capital investment), it’s fast and easy to implement, and minimal training is required for anyone already familiar with Microsoft Office products. Dynamics GP provides incredible flexibility and allows your staff to access to the system regardless of their location. This, in turn, allows for greater collaboration across your supply chain or project team by giving them access to critical data in real time so that they can better plan their workloads and respond to changes or delays.

If your SMB is ready to make the move to better business planning using an ERP system, start by outlining the problems with your current set-up.  What gaps are you trying to fill by adopting an ERP (you may have different needs depending upon whether your company is manufacturing- or project-based).  Don’t be in a rush to choose, and make sure to get advice from the experts at Accountnet.  We’ve helped hundreds of clients spend less time struggling with outdated processes and more time strengthening vital client relationships and building their businesses.