Better Business Intelligence Reporting

When ERP systems started emerging in the 90s, businesses embraced them as they held out the promise of improving their business processes with an integrated set of tools and applications. Now, with the introduction of vastly improved Business Intelligence (BI) reporting software, like Solver’s BI360, organizations are finally provided with a way to make educated decisions based on real-time information.

BI360 is an Excel-based reporting application with predefined templates and user-defined reports that run live on Microsoft Dynamics GP. Metrics from other data sources (spreadsheets, cloud, in-house databases, etc.) can also be included. The easy-to-use report writer provides financial professionals with detailed reporting capabilities in a variety of layouts and presentation formats, providing a 360-degree view the organization’s overall health and arming the executive staff with the information they need to make better and timelier decisions.accnet

BI360 dashboards unify the organizations most important assets: its people and its data. Using convenient, web-based dashboards, your people have a way to visualize trends in the data, identifying issues, and ultimately driving success.  With BI360, you can create your first dashboard and see results in minutes — not weeks!

Today’s ERP applications make it easier than ever to view real-time, daily cash flow and budget-versus-actual reports.  BI360’s budgeting module is a flexible budgeting, forecasting and modeling solution without the typical long implementation and high cost of other legacy planning software.

At Accountnet, not only do we work with our client organizations throughout the process of ERP selection, software integration and implementation, we also assist post-rollout, providing assistance with internal change management, training and support.  When clients engage Accountnet, they know we have the experience to hedge against project cost overruns and they won’t be stuck with ERP software that doesn’t meet their unique business needs. Our industry-specific expertise helps our clients achieve measurable business improvements and a real return on investment. Contact us for a free consultation around your ERP and business intelligence reporting needs.