Better Business Planning Can Ease Growing Pains

There comes a point in a business’s early life when a corner is turned and tasks that were once manageable start to get out of hand.  When you’re company was young, it was probably simple to turn around projects with a small team. A contract would come in, a spec would be created, each member of the team would get handle their respective tasks and you’d deliver your final product or service to happy customers.

But as you start to scale up, your once seamless operations may start to erode. Team members may drop the ball as information is shuffled between departments or individuals. You can spend a lot of time putting out fires – time better spent thinking about whether the processes that once served you well are still adequate for your business.

One of the earliest processes any business puts in place is an accounting system, and one of the most popular tools that they use from the outset is QuickBooks.  For most startups, after one or two years of growth, QuickBooks features will not be robust enough.  Accountnet’s Anne-Claire McCallister wrote this piece for Accounting Today that describes some of the signs that you’re ready to move off a basic solution like QuickBooks and take the next step in scaling your business to accommodate growth.

A business solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP represents a significant opportunity for your business to meet its growth challenges and to increase its bottom line.  It’s simple to learn and easy to use, works with your existing technology and delivers real long term value.  If you’re interested in learning more, you can listen to this recorded webcast by Microsoft. It gives you some tools to evaluate whether ERP systems from Microsoft are a good fit for you, examining questions like:

  • is my business ready for an ERP system?
  • what are the top considerations in evaluating potential software and vendors?
  • what are the potential benefits my business can enjoy with an ERP solution?

Microsoft’s ERP solutions for small business provide the insight and tools you need to increase sales, simplify business operations, and keep your people productive. There’s never been a better time to buy, with affordable, low monthly payments, cloud-based deployment options, and a trusted network of reselling partners like Accountnet standing by to help you solve business challenges, such as:

  • Increasing sales and profitability with better business insight
  • Keeping up with demand without adding headcount
  • Managing multiple lines of business, currencies, or multi-site locations
  • Simplifying and securing processes to reduce data entry and risk
  • Scaling operations to support ongoing growth
  • Take time today to change your business for the better every day

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