How Can Microsoft Dynamics GP Help You Grow?

Change is the only constant; at a start-up company change happens quickly. Usually, in this environment there is no established business model, which can make these changes hard to keep pace with. What do you need to do in order to stay current as a start-up CFO? Being able to accurately assess and correct issues when things aren’t working is invaluable.

A great start-up is the perfect mix of people and product — a talented team working productively toward a goal that will deliver big impact and results. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 can provide maximum speed and flexibility in decision making. Now you can configure a workflow to automatically notify a new approver when they need to act on a workflow that’s in process. Notifications can be sent to a new approver for who was delegated to the workflow, who is part of an escalation process, or who is an alternate approver.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 you can now export and import SmartList definitions that have been created with SmartList Designer from one install to another. This is handy for partners who create SmartLists for one customer, then import them into an implementation for another customer. Customers can use the same functionality to export and import SmartLists across sites or divisions. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 can allow start-up CFO’s to be more flexible and efficient.

In today’s fast-changing global marketplace, CFOs, and other managers should develop their styles from both the large-company and start-up models: process but with purpose; risk minimization but with smart risk-taking; set goals but flexibility in approach; and deep belief in ideas but with pragmatic diplomacy.

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