Our P.O.V.

We provide educational webinars, newsletters, quarterly sales events and strong post-sales support. Most important, we will ensure that you receive a consultative versus a sales approach from the sales and consulting team. Once you begin working with Accountnet, Inc., you’ll find yourself spending less time in front of a computer monitor trying to figure out your accounting system and more time strengthening vital client relationships and building your organization.

The depth and scope of Accountnet’s corporate practice stem from the diverse experience of our consulting team, who has more than 50 cumulative years of technical consulting, CFO-level expertise, accounting experience and technical service. We are a consulting firm that also sells software to corporations, financial and governmental entities, and high-technology companies and many other entities. Organizations have also relied on our advice to compete effectively in a global business environment. Our mission is to provide A-level service to everyone in the organization, from the accounts payable team to the CFO and management. We target organizations and create clear road maps during the implementation process. This is built on more than trust; it includes accounting and technical considerations and adopting a big-picture view of the customer as a whole. We emphasize customer training to allow customers to be in the driver’s seat and to foster self-sufficiency with their system. We also find new technological changes and Web-based solutions that can enhance end users’ lives, whether they work from home or at the office.