Miscrosoft Dynamics Helps Healthcare Providers Face New Management Challenges

While the country inches slowly out of the great recession, there are certain industries that are now undeniably blossoming. Healthcare is one such industry, due to natural population growth and rapidly aging baby boomers that find themselves increasingly in need of medical care. But with this growth comes significant challenges for healthcare providers — clinicians, researchers, and administrators alike. There is a greater need to track business data, automate transactions, share information and communicate effectively across different networks and communities of service providers. There are also special requirements around regulatory compliance. This can become quite burdensome if an organization relies on too many separate proprietary tools and paper processes.

ERP for Healthcare ProvidersA comprehensive financial and business management solution like Microsoft Dynamics is a great way to keep costs down and increase productivity, having proven to be an effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. MS Dynamics GP easily integrates with current healthcare databases, such as billing and other clinical systems, and also provides supply-chain management, which is essential to providing high-quality care. Other healthcare-specific modules provide capabilities for dealing with complex pay structures, including shift differentials, varying pay rates, employees working in multiple departments and positions, and overtime rate calculations.

Additionally, the HR management feature allows providers to track applicant references, and offer self-service payroll and benefits management to employees, which relieves support staff of having to deal with paper-based data collection.

At the core of Microsoft Dynamics GP are the powerful tools available for managing financial data with strong controls, audit trails, the ability to build and automate financial, budget and forecasting reports. Microsoft Dynamics GP is truly a feature-rich tool and complete ERP framework that can help healthcare organizations implement best practices and procedures while achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance.

If you think your healthcare organization could benefit from an ERP solution, contact us.  We can help you determine if Microsoft Dynamics GP is the right choice for your company.