Improve Organizational Performance with ERP Software

With the American economy showing signs of recovery recently, it’s a good time for businesses to start shifting their focus from cost reduction to improving organizational performance.  Of key important to professional services firms and other project-centric companies is the need to identify trends that can be used to make informed business decisions going forward.  Decisions around new market opportunities, acquiring and retaining customers and perfecting operational processes are all affected by the quality, accuracy and timeliness of the information on which they are based.

ERP Software | Accountnet | New York, NYThe information you need to monitor and drive your company’s performance can be overwhelming and difficult to collate across multiple systems. Your ability to expose relevant data and turn insights into action will determine how successful your company will be as the economy continues to improve. If you don’t currently have Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, you are likely relying on multiple databases and processes to track purchase and invoice requisitions, employee expenses, and project costing and accounting.  Getting a “big picture” view can be quite a challenge, not to mention time consuming.

ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics can speed up the time it takes to gather information while also allowing you your executives to spend more of their time addressing more pressing questions. By employing a flexible ERP system, either desk-top or cloud-based, you can automate processes and generate reports to meet differing stakeholder needs.

Using an ERP system can help your company break through information silos to establish a single view of critical information as it applies to specific projects, resources, team members and customers.  Microsoft Dynamics is an especially powerful tool as it allows you to monitor and report on all information, activities, project budgets, costs and billings which can help improve financial performance.

Although cost reduction won’t likely disappear from your overall goals, the need to expand your focus to take advantage of growth opportunities is a must. The benefits of automating processes and workflows using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is possibly the single most important step you can take to increase efficiency and help your company turn insights into action.