Infor F9: Excel Based Reporting Tools for ERP Systems

Over the past two decades, we’ve seen Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems mature from their origins in manufacturing to become a serious business tool for all sizes and types of companies across a range of industries. Microsoft Dynamics GP is an example of ERP that grew from of a desire to reduce dependencies on Excel spreadsheets and break down information silos. So it’s ironic that now, after having accomplished what it set out to do, ERP end-users want nothing better than to pull that data back into Excel.

It’s not really that hard to understand. The usual reason to pull data out of the system into Excel is to perform further manipulations and analysis.  If the information that is needed can be presented via the existing ERP interface and exported into the format needed for end reports, then that’s an easy solution. But if data needs to be sliced and diced and further processed, then Excel is probably the way to go.

We’ve discussed a number of Excel-based reporting tools for Microsoft Dynamics in recent months and today we add a new product to the mix. Infor’s F9 is a powerful financial reporting and analysis tool that dynamically links general ledger data to Microsoft Excel and presents a real-time view of business information with just the push of a button. No exports or manual entries are required, eliminating labor-intensive reporting and giving you more time to analyze data and focus on strategic planning.

Infor F9 Reporting Tools | Accountnet

The beauty of Infor’s product is that everything you know about spreadsheets can be applied to the reports you create using F9. F9 provides an intuitive interface so staff can learn how to use it in just a matter of hours.

Accountnet has helped a number of customers convert from Microsoft FRx to F9. F9 can do the things people like best about FRxand more. Our clients have found that F9 helps with business analysis far beyond what FRx could ever address. And most importantly, F9 uses Excel as its reporting environment and dynamically links to the live General Ledger, integrating with any accounting or ERP solution that FRx supports.

Download the datasheet, or contact us if you would like to know more about F9 or any of the other Excel-based reporting tools for MS Dynamics ERP systems