Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL offers easy-to-use, out-of-the-box functionality, with minimal costs

With Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011, you can raise the bar for productivity, performance, and growth across your entire organization.  Take advantage of the latest technology innovations with a new web services architecture that delivers stronger performance and efficient integrations for your current systems – and those you implement in the future.  You can enhance your ERP solution by connecting with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to sync customer and project data, and access Microsoft Project Server 2010 to bring together processes and financials.

Microsoft Dynamics GP has the power to address the requirements of companies of many types and sizes, but without the complexity or expense of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that are designed for large organizations.  It can be deployed easily, quickly providing comprehensive functionality to address your organization’s business needs, improve performance, and help you create new opportunities.

SAP and Oracle are known for providing ERP solutions to the world’s largest companies.  However, because the cost and complexity of these solutions may not make them the best fit for medium-sized businesses, a number of organizations that deployed these systems in the past have switched to Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL.

For example, when (a) Aircraft Manufacturing Firm broke from a parent company that used an SAP solution, the organization quickly chose to switch to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  It provides flexible licensing, the end-to-end functionality out of the box the company was looking for, and the business intelligence that it required to be more accurate, effective, and efficient – at a reasonable cost, with a simple implementation.

Dynamics can enable your organization to communicate strategic objectives more effectively, and enable people to more easily manage performance against plan across multiple departments or divisions.

Deliver Web-based, personalized views of key performance indicators (KPIs), so employees can monitor and make strategic decisions based on business performance, using data gathered from multiple line-of-business systems.

Help people throughout your organization respond quickly to new opportunities and changing markets by making budgeting and planning processes an integral part of your daily business rather than being a discrete annual process.

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