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Fastpath Can Help With Dynamics Security              

Continuous monitoring solution offering superior performance and key reports auditors demand
Fastpath Assure is a comprehensive, interactive tool that enables organizations to identify security conflicts within your Dynamics application, better understand their overall security and provide the necessary documentation to both internal and external audit teams.

• Delivered with an extensive list of potential conflicts for Dynamics
• Analyze segregation of duties by user, role or business function
• Review and sign-off on controls, mitigations and user access within the solution
• Export reports in multiple formats including PDF and Excel for distribution
• Compatible with third party add-ons and custom functionality

Change Tracking Made Efficient, With Minimal System Impact
The Fastpath Assure Audit Trail module tracks changes in Dynamics GP, reporting when and by whom changes are made.
Tracking changes in Dynamics GP or SL is an essential part of maintaining security. With numerous changes happening through daily business processes, it is important to catch errors quickly. Change tracking is one of the easiest ways to catch fraudulent transactions. The native Dynamics GP or SL activity tracking tool allows you to do the basics but is limited and unable to report things such as before and after values. Furthermore, any change tracker tends to slow system performance via fighting for server access and taking up storage space.
The Audit Trail module expands the capability of activity tracking in Dynamics GP or SL . Allowing you to see any changes made in GP or SL, as well as those made outside of GP via add-on applications and changes made directly to Microsoft SQL. Assisting in error and fraud correction, Audit Trail provides the before and after values of changes found. The out-of-the-box tracking templates have been created by certified auditors to track critical data, while minimizing system impact.

• Track changes made from within Microsoft Dynamics as well as external sources
• Capture before/after values, including items that have been deleted
• Monitor Microsoft SQL server schema changes
• Extensive list of audit trail templates included with the tool
• Quick implementation that offers rapid return on investment
• Best-in-class performance and reporting for Microsoft Dynamics

Change Tracking and SoD for Dynamics SL
The Fastpath Assure® Software Suite for Dynamics SL is made of tools to help you answer three important questions:

• Who has access to your Dynamics SL data?
• Where are the risks in their access?
• What did users do with their access?

Security & Audit Compliance for Dynamics 365BC
Analyze Critical Data Access
Fastpath Assure® provides a comprehensive audit solution to automate risk management and SOX compliance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC). Fastpath helps you answer three questions:

• Who has access to your D365BC data?
• Where are the risks in their access?
• What did users do with their access?