QuickBooks or Microsoft Accounting?

Small businesses looking for the right accounting software package often ask us why they should select Microsoft Dynamics GP (previously called Microsoft Great Plains) over QuickBooks.  While both products provide a good, basic platform for managing receivables, payables and payroll, QuickBooks is solely focused on accounting while Microsoft Dynamics GP is a whole business ERP solution that can be customized to meet the needs of your organization and scales up as your company grows.

Quick Books or Microsoft Accounting Software?QuickBooks has been a popular choice for individuals and small businesses alike and may have the advantage of name recognition that MS Dynamics GP doesn’t enjoy.  While it may be a good entry level solution, there comes a time when QuickBooks is no longer going to do the job.  Even QuickBooks Enterprise falls short when compared to Microsoft Dynamics GP, which is designed to bring together all of your departments’ data: HR, operations, supply chain and project management.

Some of our customers notice the limitations of QuickBooks straight away.  We’ve heard many of the following comments:

  • “We can’t confidently comply with regulations around securing and monitoring our financial data.”
  • “We experience unacceptable delays with QuickBooks menus, reports and navigation once we exceed a certain number of transactions.  We’ve had to sacrifice keeping historical data to improve performance.”
  • “Our license limits the number of users we can give access to the system. “

We work with many companies that have long since outgrown QuickBooks but were reluctant to upgrade to a more robust ERP system.  Price generally factors into the decision-making processes, but businesses need to consider the long-term value of a system that can accommodate the increasing complexity and growth of their organizations.

As your business grows, so does the need for enhanced reporting to both internal and external stakeholders, improved system performance, and better integration with your other software and systems.  MS Dynamics GP excels in these areas.  It’s easy to use, and operates just like software your organization is already familiar with: Microsoft Office Excel, Word, and Outlook.

If you think you may be among the many businesses that are outgrowing Quickbooks, contact us.  We can help you determine if Microsoft Dynamics GP is the right choice for your company.