The Rise of Excel-Based Reporting Tools for ERP

Excel and ERPAs more companies adopt enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) to help them run their businesses more efficiently, the number of Excel-based reporting tools made specifically for ERP has grown exponentially.  It makes sense – Excel spreadsheet are widely used by almost everyone that needs to view and manage data, and using Excel allows individuals within an organization to set-up and view their spreadsheet data in a way that makes the most sense for them and their operational function within the company.

The idea behind Excel reporting tools (like BizNet, Solver’s BI360 and F9) is to empower employees – both management and staff – by giving them access to up-to-the-minute information in a form that allows them to view and manipulate the data according to their individual needs.

Excel has been around for decades but with the maturation of cloud computing, which allows for access to secure data storage wherever there is an Internet connection, it’s now possible to leverage the power of your company’s ERP system with analytical reports that can be built and run online, providing increased capabilities for collaboration. In today’s global market, where companies may be conducting business around the world and around the clock, implementing Excel-based reporting tools for your cloud ERP system makes a lot of sense.

But the potential benefits of Excel-based BI reporting tools go beyond being the ability access and report on real-time data.  Accelerated and improved decision making, increased operational efficiencies, identifying new revenue sources – all these and more ensure you are leveraging your ERP system for maximum return on investment.

Accountnet routinely helps clients find the right Business Intelligence reporting tools for their company.  Whether you are already a Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics SL customer, or want to explore how these ERP systems can help you run and grow your small to mid-sized business, contact us for a free Needs Assessment now.