Small to Medium-sized Businesses Should Consider Cloud Accounting

These days, even the smallest organization has probably shifted at least a portion of their operations online.  Think about your business marketing: by now, you’ve probably been handling many of your communications tasks online, using your website, e-newsletters, social media feeds, and a variety of other tools we now take for granted to get your marketing message out to your audience. It should make perfect sense, then, for small to medium-sized companies to think about adopting other cloud-based solutions, including full-featured enterprise resource planning (ERP), to replace outdated manual processes or legacy software that may be costing them more than it would to move to the cloud.

Cloud Accounting for Small to Medium Businesses | Accountnet NYCWith the cloud computing industry finally coming into full maturity, there are now plenty of affordable, pay-for-what-you-use products that allow companies to shift from capital to operational expenditures. In addition to simply not wanting to carry the overhead of an internal IT department to deploy and maintain an internally hosted solution, there are a number of good reasons why your small to medium-sized business should think about moving to the cloud. Here are three:

  1. Maintaining an internal accounting or ERP system may require continual upgrades of outdated hardware.  Keeping servers performing optimally may not be as cost-effective as a cloud solution. Hosted systems, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, run in a dedicated environment that is maintained by the host with no annual upgrade fees.  You can say goodbye to expenditures for upgrades to server hardware and software.
  2. One of the hidden (but perhaps one of the biggest) benefits of running your ERP system in the cloud is business continuity and disaster recovery. Even the best internal IT staff can’t guarantee 99.9% uptime, but most cloud ERP providers can and do. Additionally, many smaller companies haven’t taken time to establish adequate disaster recovery plans. Having a cloud solution in place that allows for live cut-over should disaster strike can be the first step in forming a sound DR plan.
  3. Security is something even the smallest company needs to worry about: client and vendor records, finances, payroll – these all require high levels of security. Hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP runs with encryption and includes authentication protocols and security policies to prevent unwanted access to data, and can also be configured to meet industry-specific compliance requirements. Also, purchasing from a Microsoft Value Added Reseller (VAR) like Accountnet, ensures that the data center and technicians managing your system have been carefully vetted.

At Accountnet, we have helped hundreds of companies take the step towards the cloud.  We offer a free phone consultation and a no-obligation review of your software to help you determine the right solution for your company.  Drop us a note or give us a call at 212-244-9009 to get started.