Stand Alone Reporting Tools for ERP Systems

Scribe | Stand Alone Reporting Tools for ERPIf your company uses an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or general ledger system, you may already be aware of how these systems connect to and are fed by other data sources, sometimes via real-time integration with other systems or servers. That’s what makes ERP such a powerful tool for collecting and consolidating information.

But you may also be one of many ERP users that’s discovered that native reporting functions aren’t always sufficient to give you what you want and need, especially when it comes to real-time data.

That’s where stand-alone reporting tools for ERP systems come into play.  More and more report writing products are appearing on the market each day, including many that offer live integration with the general ledger.  These report writers provide the perfect complement for any ERP system, with intuitive interfaces and dynamic design and output that go above and beyond what native reporting functions offer.

Accountnet works with clients to help them sort through the options. And as demand for flexibility in terms of cloud and mobile accessibility for financial reporting increases, Microsoft is leading the way by making more of these stand-alone reporting tools available for use with their Dynamics ERP product line. For example, Scribe Software allows for live-time sharing of financial data while maintaining control and access to Microsoft Dynamics GP, giving you the ability to:

  • Synchronize data automatically to sales, service, and support systems.
  • Eliminate the need for reports, CSV file exports, and ad hoc requests from other areas of the business.
  • Enhance customer information with key financial data to help the business make better decisions when selling servicing its customers.

Account can help you evaluate what is most important to the success of your team: data integration methods; Excel, web-based and/or proprietary interfaces; the ease of use for business professionals, among other considerations; in order to help you select the right reporting tool for your particular ERP system. Get in touch when you’re ready to take a step toward better financial reporting.