Stop Outsourcing Payroll Services and Start Using Microsoft Dynamics GP

Outsourcing payroll services has been a de facto business practice for small and medium businesses for decades.  But changes to the economic environment, the impact of globalization, and improved technology have caused many companies to move their payroll processing from an outsourced solution to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Here are five benefits to running your payroll in-house with MS Dynamics:

  1. Sensitivity to payroll data privacy is enough reason for many businesses to move to an in-house payroll solution. In-house payroll allows businesses to determine exactly who can and cannot view their own private payroll data.  Because it uses a pessimistic security model, Microsoft Dynamics GP allows businesses to keep personal data such as social security numbers and salary information completely internal.  Even staff using other Dynamics GP modules have no access to payroll data unless they are granted a specific security role to view payroll screens and reports.
  2. MS Dynamics GP When using an outsourced provider, payroll mistakes often go unnoticed until after an employee has received their check, which means general ledger clean-up for your accounting department. With Dynamics GP, gross and net wages of your employees are easy to review in detail before printing checks or calculating direct deposit amounts, so errors are caught during the payroll processing.
  3. As fees from outsourced payroll companies continue to rise (especially when it comes to custom reports), many small businesses have noticed that they are not seeing any real savings.  Because Microsoft Dynamics GP is a fully integrated financial solution, payroll data is posted automatically resulting in significant savings of both time and money.
  4. MS Dynamics GP’s Retroactive Pay Management feature provides an easy way to make adjustments to payroll when an employee receives a raise, and eliminates the need to make corrections in multiple systems since changes will post through to the MS Dynamics GP Financial module.
  5. For businesses with special payroll needs, such as reporting on advanced cost allocation, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides all the necessary flexibility. Reports are fully customizable and products such as MS Dynamics Management Reporter expand the possibilities even further.

If you are among the many businesses that are thinking about brining your payroll processes back in-house, contact us. We are Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and expert in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics. We can tell you about our services: customizing Microsoft Dynamics GP for your unique business needs, integration for connecting your payroll with your financial accounting and related systems, consulting around security protocols, disaster-recovery capabilities and much more.