Five Reasons to Look Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 for Your Growing Business

Known in a previous incarnation as Microsoft Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics GO 2013 is a cost-effective ERP solution designed to meet the needs of your growing company. MS Dynamics GP integrates all of your business functions (supply chain, accounting/finance and more) into one, easy-to-use software package that is the best in its class and truly affordable.

Here are five reasons why you might want to take a look at Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013:

  1. Familiar Look and Feel.  Everyone hates having to learn new systems, but MS Dynamics GP 2013 looks and works exactly like the other Microsoft products (Outlook, Word and Excel) your employees use every day.
  2. Enhanced Functionality with Free Modules. The Dynamics GP 2013 Starter Pack includes many modules that you used to have to purchase separately.  With the rollout of MS Dynamics GP 2013, each user now has access to all of the modules included in the Starter Pack.
  3. Flexibility of Implementation and Room for Growth. MS Dynamics GP 2013’s out-of-the-box functionality can get up and running quickly and can be deployed on your own servers, in the cloud, or in some combination.  And if your requirements change down the road (as they will, when your company is growing) additional modules are available to serve a wide variety of business needs.
  4. Leveraging Data for Better Business Insights.  MS Dynamics GP enables you to integrate and automate your financial and operational processes, and makes it easier for your employees, vendors and customers to share information and insights with one another.  This allows you to glean insights that can help streamline productivity and save money.
  5. Web Access. Dynamics GP’s web client provides you employees with easy access to the data they need no matter where they are, via PC or mobile device.

For an overview of some of the features in Dynamics GP 2013, check out this demo:

And call us if you want to know more about how Accountnet can help your business get started with Dynamics ERP!

Stop Outsourcing Payroll Services and Start Using Microsoft Dynamics GP

Outsourcing payroll services has been a de facto business practice for small and medium businesses for decades.  But changes to the economic environment, the impact of globalization, and improved technology have caused many companies to move their payroll processing from an outsourced solution to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Here are five benefits to running your payroll in-house with MS Dynamics:

  1. Sensitivity to payroll data privacy is enough reason for many businesses to move to an in-house payroll solution. In-house payroll allows businesses to determine exactly who can and cannot view their own private payroll data.  Because it uses a pessimistic security model, Microsoft Dynamics GP allows businesses to keep personal data such as social security numbers and salary information completely internal.  Even staff using other Dynamics GP modules have no access to payroll data unless they are granted a specific security role to view payroll screens and reports.
  2. MS Dynamics GP When using an outsourced provider, payroll mistakes often go unnoticed until after an employee has received their check, which means general ledger clean-up for your accounting department. With Dynamics GP, gross and net wages of your employees are easy to review in detail before printing checks or calculating direct deposit amounts, so errors are caught during the payroll processing.
  3. As fees from outsourced payroll companies continue to rise (especially when it comes to custom reports), many small businesses have noticed that they are not seeing any real savings.  Because Microsoft Dynamics GP is a fully integrated financial solution, payroll data is posted automatically resulting in significant savings of both time and money.
  4. MS Dynamics GP’s Retroactive Pay Management feature provides an easy way to make adjustments to payroll when an employee receives a raise, and eliminates the need to make corrections in multiple systems since changes will post through to the MS Dynamics GP Financial module.
  5. For businesses with special payroll needs, such as reporting on advanced cost allocation, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides all the necessary flexibility. Reports are fully customizable and products such as MS Dynamics Management Reporter expand the possibilities even further.

If you are among the many businesses that are thinking about brining your payroll processes back in-house, contact us. We are Microsoft Gold Certified Partners and expert in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics. We can tell you about our services: customizing Microsoft Dynamics GP for your unique business needs, integration for connecting your payroll with your financial accounting and related systems, consulting around security protocols, disaster-recovery capabilities and much more.

Five Tips for Adopting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Successfully implementation of an ERP solution is a team effort involving your CFO, CIO and key players in your organization.  To make the most of this essential technology, make sure to follow these five tips:

MS Dynamics ERPSpend time planning.  Enterprise Resource Planning software provides management capabilities for finances, human resources and payroll, manufacturing and supply chain, project management and more.  Within your organization, the departments handling these functions are probably using their own processes and systems, so if you are thinking about adopting an ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), you should start by devoting adequate time to the planning phase, conducting a thorough needs assessment.  It’s important to understand the details of your company’s various business processes as these are all likely to be affected by an ERP implementation.

Get buy-in earlyEqually important to your ERP planning is the need to prepare employees for the coming changes.  If you can’t get your staff to use your ERP solution, then you’ve wasted your time and money.  Include as many people as you can during planning phase by asking all levels of management and staff for their input.  What data is important to them, how are they currently collecting it and what challenges do they face with their daily analysis and reporting needs? Knowing the answers is important not only for selecting the right ERP system, but also for engaging employees and demonstrating they have a stake in a successful ERP implementation.

Devote time to training:  Make sure training sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each department or function, so that staff understands which parts of the ERP they will be using.  Don’t overwhelm by trying to make everyone understand all the capabilities.  Providing training sessions that are more job-specific and relevant make it easier to learn and boosts employee confidence.

Don’t overcomplicate things:  If users become frustrated with overly complicated software, they will eventually abandon the system.  Easy-to-use software, like MS Dynamics GP, with a user interface that looks and operates like the familiar Microsoft Office products, allows for customization that allows users to see only those functions they need.

Choose a reliable ERP software providerSelecting the right vendor is another important factor.  Accountnet has helped hundreds of companies adopt an ERP solution that matches their business goals and has deployed it according to our clients’ timetables and within their budgets.  We are Gold Certified Partners for Microsoft Dynamics in New York City, serving the Northeast from Boston, MA to Washington, DC.  Contact us today for a free needs assessment or to learn more about Accountet’s services.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Satisfies More Customers

Become a Dynamic Business with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 features many out-of-the-box modules to improve business efficiency. It delivers functionality, performance, and ease of use to diverse businesses around the world. From financials and human resource management to manufacturing and operations, Microsoft Dynamics GP brings people and systems together to help you run your entire business more efficiently and effectively. Whether you are an existing customer evaluating options to expand your solution with additional modules or a prospective customer considering making Microsoft Dynamics GP your company’s new business solution, this guide will provide a valuable overview of the product modules available within Microsoft Dynamics GP – grouped by business functionality – and the various packaging options available.


How to Buy Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Microsoft sells Dynamics GP through a network of both Silver and Gold Authorized Partners who provide planning, implementation, customization, and support services specifically to optimize the solution to each customer’s unique needs.


Easier Licensing

Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to help both small and midsize businesses jump-start their value with an affordable starting price, rapid implementation tools, and functionality. Perpetual Licensing simplifies how you purchase an ERP solution. The entire solution can be licensed “on the back of a napkin” with just a few components. Access to the functionality is through user licenses on a concurrent user basis and through two main components, the Starter Pack and the Extended Pack.


Integration Suite

Use the tools in this suite to import data from other applications. Each tool has a specific functionality for an individual task, such as Integration Manager–Distribution, Integration Manager–Financials, eConnect, and Web Services.


Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications

Modify the appearance and functionality of any Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dexterity-based third-party window, add new fields, change global resources to affect the entire application, and attach VBA code for less complex business logic.


When companies want value-added services from a Metro New York–based firm, they go to Accountnet. We are experts in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP and can provide training and CPE credits. Because it is more flexible than Oracle and much more comprehensive than QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP is a solution you can grow with.  And because it comes with all the modules you’ll need, it is the obvious choice for your business management needs.  Your organization deserves the best – make it Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Call 212.244.9009 or visit to view the latest demo or to schedule an extended relationship analysis.

A Business Solution from Microsoft—Helps You Work Better, Faster, and Smarter

Here are the “Top Reasons to Purchase a Business Solution from Microsoft”.  Last week, we kicked off the release of GP 2013  and the new look and feel of how complete Microsoft business solutions go beyond what stand-alone ERP or accounting software can do. Just a reminder, over the next month we will be providing an overview of why Microsoft Dynamics is a great choice to help you gain greater insight into your business. Organizations can now see how GP 2013 , can provide people with new options for analyzing information in formats built on Microsoft SQL Server.

Top Reasons to Purchase a Business Solution from Microsoft:
·    It’s More Than Just ERP
·    Helps You Work Better, Faster, and Smarter
·    Looks Forward, Not Backward
·    Gets You Up and Running in Days, Not Weeks
·    Works the Way You Do
·    Transforms the Way You Work and Connect
·    Drives and Supports Your Business Growth
·    Provides a Flexible Deployment Model
·    Reduces Your Risk and Propels Your Business

Help You Work Better, Faster, and Smarter
When you think about the most successful businesses today, you’ll realize they all have something in common: passionate employees who are engaged, committed to their company’s success, and working at their maximum potential.

Microsoft Dynamics is an innovative, flexible, end-to-end solution that helps makes your people more proactive and productive by giving them personalized, agile tools based on the familiar, interoperable Microsoft technologies that they work with every day.

The solution also features a RoleTailored user interface, designed to help your employees uncover the information and tasks relevant to their specific job functions, right on their home page. This interface maps tasks to key roles in your business, so your employees can take advantage of a tool that matches their preferences and work styles. As a result, they can work smarter, faster, and more efficiently than ever.

Microsoft Dynamics has established a track record by meeting the needs of more than 350,000 customers and 5 million users worldwide. We’ve been serving small and midsize businesses, winning customer references across many industries including finance , healthcare, public sector, services, and more. In addition, users work  all over the world and can decide on deployment in the Cloud or on Premise. Accountnet, as a Gold Certified Partner gives you access to deep technical and industry expertise to help you address your specific needs.

Take the Next Steps to Learn More
Visit us at our to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics ERP for small and midsize businesses, chat with a representative, take a product tour or come to Microsoft in Midtown on January 31, 2013.  Call 212.244-9009. Best wishes in 2013.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013- A Business Solution from Microsoft

As part of Microsoft’s unprecedented period of product launches in 2012,  Microsoft Corp. today announced that significant updates  to Microsoft Dynamics business solutions are available in December, delivering new capabilities and value to help customers transform their businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, expected to be available Dec. 19, introduces significant new features and capabilities designed to help small and midsize businesses (SMBs) grow their businesses with powerful business solutions that are quick to implement and simple to use. This release introduces an innovative new Web client, more than 125 feature enhancements, streamlined management and rich interoperability with other Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Office 365.

Key enhancement areas for the new release include the following:

• Choice in how the product is deployed, as well as how people access and use it. Customers can access Microsoft Dynamics GP through a rich client and an innovative new Web client so they can get to the information they need when they need it and on the device of their choice. Improved “hostability” features include a new hosting management console for cloud deployments to streamline deploying and managing Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud.

• Faster, lower-risk deployment with new RapidStart tools that can significantly reduce the time and effort required to configure Microsoft Dynamics GP for each customer’s specific needs.

• Improved productivity through enhanced ease of use throughout the product, as well as deeper interoperability with Microsoft Office, Office 365 and other Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is a business management solution that provides growing and midsize organizations with complete and scalable financial and operational functionality. Several development tools are available that can be used to customize and create integrations for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The advances in business intelligence, reporting and user experience made in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 on a course to be more competitive and accomplish its business goals.

Additionally, with Introduction to the new Management Reporter web viewer — Management Reporter we can  view a personalized financial report using a web browser without installing any applications. The report can be opened from an intranet site, a SharePoint document library or a network share.

Call today to receive a complimentary ERP evaluation.  An Extended Relationship Analysis (ERA) are first come, first serve and are enabled to discuss a new Business Solution from Microsoft..

For more information or to attend an Product Show at the nearest Microsoft office,  contact Accountnet, your local Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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How to Buy a Business Solution from Microsoft for Your Organization

Customers do not purchase Microsoft Dynamics business solutions directly from Microsoft. Rather, they purchase from a world-class network of partners who provide planning, implementation, customization, support and services.

Costs typically depend on:
Product capabilities you choose to deploy. Microsoft Dynamics GP is available under the Business Ready Licensing program, which allows you to choose from two levels of functionality:
Microsoft Dynamics Business Essentials provides core financial management.
Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Management offers more advanced functionality. You can also purchase additional add-on components.
Number and specific roles of people who will use the solution. You have options for full access to all functionality or for limited access, depending on a user’s role.
Service and training that you require on an ongoing basis.
Software deployment method, for example, on-premises or hosted deployment.

Get up and running fast with SL
Moving to a new business management system might seem overwhelming, but Microsoft Dynamics SL simplifies the process with a solution that is designed to get you up and running quickly—without expensive development or increased manpower.
Microsoft Dynamics GP is highly scalable and compatible with the technology you already use so that it delivers long-term value without high costs down the road.
Microsoft’s commitment to innovation means you are investing in a business platform that will always keep you on the forefront of what’s ahead.

Service plans
You can maximize the value of your investment in Microsoft Dynamics with a service plan. It allows you to upgrade to newer versions of the applications whenever they become available, as well as receive updates and tax and regulatory releases. You can have access to comprehensive online support and services, assisted support, unlimited online training, technical documentation, and much more.

Learn more about services and support plans for a Business solution from Microsoft
Contact Accountnet, in Metro New York, for a free ERP assessment to review and to help plan for 2013. Assessments are first come first serve. For more information or to attend an event near your office contact Accountnet, your Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Our temporary number is (917) 463-4850, since the main lines have not yet restored.

How Microsoft Dynamics can meet the needs of your industry

Are you outgrowing your current accounting solution or struggling with legacy systems that make it difficult to seize new opportunities?  Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a line of business solutions for small and midsize organizations that provide you with greater control over and visibility into your entire organization.

Simple to learn and use, Microsoft Dynamics ERP business solutions work with the technology systems you already have and deliver long-term value without a complex and costly implementation.

Gain visibility and insight into how your organization is performing – and know that your system will help drive the decision-making processes, enabling your people to be more proactive and productive.

Get up and running fast
Moving to a new business management system might seem overwhelming, but Microsoft Dynamics GP simplifies the process with a solution that is designed to get you up and running quickly – without expensive development or increased manpower.

Deploy on-premises or with a-hosted cloud solutions that require low upfront investment.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is highly scalable and compatible with the technology you already use so that it delivers long-term value without high costs down the road.  Microsoft’s commitment to innovation means you are investing in a business platform that will always keep you on the forefront of what’s ahead.

  • Go beyond basic accounting with improved financials and operations.
  • Deploy out-of-the-box functionality, without costly set-up costs.
  • Feel confident with less impact to your payroll and IT budgets.
  • Meet specific vertical industry needs with an Industry award partner.

Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers a long-term return on investment through consistent product releases and rich integration with Microsoft technology innovations.  You can run your business knowing that you’re backed by a Microsoft commitment to a 10-year support life cycle for each major release, as well as a rich Business Ready Enhancement Plan that includes unlimited online training, access to self-service support, and more.

For more information or to attend an event near your office contact Accountnet, your Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Contact Accountnet to join our Product Show on September 20th at the Microsoft NYC Customer Briefing Center.

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How to rely on Microsoft Dynamics within your organization

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive ERP solution that goes beyond basic business management and reporting to help your people – and your organization – work at peak performance.  Designed for rapid implementation and ease of use, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives all your people fast, familiar ways to access and work with business information and processes, and it delivers ongoing innovation that can work for you now and into the future.

Give people a solution they’ll want to use
Success starts when people actually take full advantage of your business systems.  Designated to work like and with Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps reduce training time and costs.  People can focus on their responsibilities, rather than on chasing information and juggling applications, with Role Tailored home pages and graphical dashboards that deliver personalized access to information.  And they’ll keep critical tasks on track and ensure consistent processes with automated notifications and alerts.

Beyond basic reporting
Today’s organization’s simply expect real-time access to decision-driving information and reports.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can go well beyond basic reporting and use familiar tools and formats to make decisions that can take your business further, faster.  Transform sales strategies with advanced analytics such as predictive modeling and shopping basket analysis.  Stay current with refreshable Office Excel reports that include multiple data sources.  Turn unwieldy volumes of data into relevant information that can be shared across your organization through SQL Server Analysis Services.  And that’s just a glimpse.

Extend insight across your entire organization
No two businesses are alike – and industry specific needs vary widely.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can quickly add new capabilities using built-in personalization tools:  Create specialized views and new windows, automate tasks specific to your business, and even build light applications.

Open the flow of information to people – you won’t need a full user license or need to log on to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  And now Accountnet is more than your best choice, too.  As a Gold certified partner, we give you the customized software and the personalized service you deserve.

Contact Accountnet to join our Product Show on September 20th at the Microsoft NYC Customer Briefing Center.  Get the software your organization deserves.

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Dynamic Business: From Aspiration to Reality

Dynamic Businesses are connected, forward-looking organizations that thrive by empowering their people to reach their full potential.

Microsoft is helping to redefine how business solutions empower people for greater success, predict potential issues and opportunities, and enable organizations to expand the possibilities for competitive advantage.

At the heart of every organization are the people who make things happen.  People garner insight from business applications to drive decisions that advance the organization.  people manage relationships internally and externally to drive relevant actions forward.

The most successful businesses are powered by individuals who are contributing fully, able to make a difference, and committed to their company’s success.  Microsoft can help individuals – and organizations – realize their full potential and drive significant impact by offering an end to end business solution that is flexible and easy to use.

Gain key insights for decision making
Measure your success with key performance indicators (KPIs).  Gain business insight with flexible dashboards and inline data visualization.  Follow key objectives with comprehensive goal-tracking capabilities.  Track key campaign indicators with built-in reports.  Identify trends and allocate resources with powerful predictive analytics.  Use robust data cubes for trending analysis.

Connected Organizations – Better Informed People Make Better Decisions
Modern business solutions not only connect people inside and outside the organization, they also give them context and insight which drives better decisions and boosts productivity.

An important part of Microsoft’s mission is to drive connections with people, with customers and with business partners across processes, data and the ecosystem in which organizations operate.  This commitment to connected organizations includes our vision of anywhere, in-context, at the right time, through the right communications channel.

Automate workflows
Boost productivity with personal, team, or organizational workflows.  Dynamically assign tasks to the most appropriate resource using configurable rules.  Accelerate approvals using predefined workflows.  Automate follow up with predefined triggers.  Set alerts and reminders for daily milestones.