Non-Profits Reap Benefits from Adopting ERP Systems

In the private sector, enterprise-level business intelligence tools are employed by companies to help them process massive amounts of data — around sales, client activities, accounting and finance, etc. – and turn them into actionable information. Having insight into these operations is extremely useful in making decisions for everything from marketing strategies to refining internal structures and processes. As ERP software for non-profits is finally coming of age, now may be the time for non-profits, municipalities and NGOs to start taking advantage of enterprise resource planning solutions within their organizations.

Check out this case study from Microsoft that shows how Bancroft, a private school for children with disabilities, manages growth and cut costs through the use of Microsoft Dynamics GP.



Non-profits serve numerous constituency groups that may include donors, government agencies, strategic partners — not to mention the individuals their programs serve directly. Non-profits are also regularly affected by changes to their operating environment such as new funding, tax reporting and regulatory requirements, and shifts in funding levels from year to year. And there are internal challenges, too, such how to track data for new programs and initiatives the organization may be rolling out, or any restructuring that may take place. Growing needs can sometime overwhelm the organization’s ability to get the most out of their existing IT processes.

Many non-profits have home-grown approaches for measuring and monitoring overall performance of fundraising campaigns. More often than not, this kind of broad reporting does not provide a robust, comprehensive, view of the data that might in turn reveal more about the donors themselves and their patterns of donation. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a more detailed understanding of the donor and his/her relationships with other donors? Understanding these relationship can eventually lead to repeated or ongoing donations and can inform how you move ahead with your campaign.

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Microsoft Dynamics an Affordable Business Management Solution for Non-Profits

For non-profit organizations, finding ways to improve operations with minimal staff and resources is always a challenge.  Technology plays a vital role in helping non-profits reduce administrative costs and enabling them to do more for less, but many organizations are not financially capable of implementing quality accounting and CRM systems.  Additionally, the number of products available on the market makes it difficult to properly vet and select a system that fits your company’s specific needs.

Microsoft DynamicsEvery non-profit organization is different. For example, social service agencies need robust reporting to meet regulatory compliance and securing future funding.  Professional associations may have multiple networking events to organize as well as tracking certification of its members.  And special interest groups (like civic or religious organizations) may rely heavily on fundraising initiatives.

Because Microsoft Dynamics SL and GP are among the top recommended accounting tools for medium to large-scale businesses and organizations, they are often overlooked by non-profits who may think they need $50,000 to implement this type of enterprise solution. But cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics products are now being offered with non-profits and smaller-scale businesses in mind.  With a cloud ERP hosted solution your organization will be able to use MS Dynamics SL or GP for a lower subscription fee instead of paying for an entire software package and the hardware necessary to accommodate a full-blown system.

In addition to the affordable price point, there are other benefits of MS Dynamics cloud ERP:

–          An online solution is general deployed faster compare to setting it up on premises;

–          The low monthly fee makes it easier to manage your organization’s cash flow; and

–          A cloud-based solution helps minimize your internal IT overhead.

Why MS Dynamics for Non Profits?

MS Dynamics provides non-profits with solutions that help ease operational management – financial management, business information analysis, human resource management, grant management and customer relations management.  This gives you full control over your business processes and provides insight to vital business intelligence and financial information anytime, anywhere.

Accountnet has always stressed building customer relationships based on trust over quick sales. In effort to help you make the right business purchasing decisions, we take the time to work closely with you in order to map out a customized solution to meet every NPO’s unique needs.  Get to know more about how your organization can benefit from cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics through Accountnet, a MS Gold Certified ERP partner.

Microsoft Dynamics – Non Profit event NYC

On May 17, 2012, Accountnet, Inc. hosted “Addressing Nonprofit Challenges in 2012 and Beyond” at Microsoft’s New York City Customer Briefing Center.

Microsoft Corporation
1290 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10104

Topics included –

  • Is your organization proactive or reactive to needed internal changes due to external challenges?
  • Are your systems enabling your organization or holding you back from being on top of the financial and operational data you need to compete?

Here’s How the Experts Saw it –

Featured at the event were Anne-Claire McAllister, President of Accountnet, Inc. and Leigh Tucker, Managing Director at Accounting Management Solutions, Inc., about their strategies working with nonprofit organizations like yours to successfully compete — and manage the CHANGE AHEAD.

Seats were first come, first serve that day!

Times are tough for nonprofits right now, according to the Wall Street Journal:  “Hit by a drop in donations and government funding in the wake of a deep recession, nonprofits – from arts councils to food banks – are undergoing a painful restructuring, including mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, cutbacks and closings.”

Groups were also formed, termed Non Profit Executive Roundtable:

Where Accountnet asked the question:  how to address the Nonprofit Challenges in 2012 and Beyond?

The session enabled innovative strategies to help you sustain and grow your organization in a time of CHANGE.

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