Two Simple Points to Consider When Implementing an ERP Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are complex to implement, which is why value-added vendors like Accountnet exist.  We have helped hundreds of clients with the planning, rollout and on-going support and maintenance of their Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems.

Implementing an ERP Solution | AccountantAmong the biggest challenges we see for companies implementing ERP systems is a failure to think beyond the needs of financial/accounting departments.  While the backbone of any ERP system is its financial data, other areas of operational information need to be made available to business users, with an easy way for them to see what’s happening in their respective areas of the business. Meaningful reports usually combine information from multiple sources combined into a simple-to-use format.

Do-it-yourself approaches don’t work well with ERP implementations so it’s important to select a vendor who can offer you a choice of business intelligence and reporting tools and help you select and configure the right one for your organization.  Reports should not be highly technical – your managers and operational staff should not have to be analytics experts in order to glean information that helps them do their jobs better. There are many good stand-alone reporting tools for ERP on the market today, including some that include the ability to report on real-time data.

Two simple points to keep in mind as you start your planning:

  • Don’t assume a bundled product will meet your needs. Native ERP reporting tools don’t always have the necessary capabilities and are often difficult to use.  Failing to provide easy-to-use reporting tools can lead to low adoption rates and a failed rollout.
  • Think carefully about your business users – will the selected reporting solution meet their needs?  Look for solutions that deliver real-time reporting and consolidated financial and summarized operational views and provide the ability to drill into supporting details or related data.

Proper assessment in the early project stages ensures an efficient and successful implementation of ERP systems and reporting tools. Let Accountnet help. Contact us today for a free Needs Assessment.