Value Added Resellers for ERP

With widespread adoption of ERP systems – both for the large enterprise and small to medium businesses – the need for business owners to ascertain the Total Cost of Ownership for any proposed ERP solution has become a priority issue. TCO for business systems needs to account for the cost of conversion, any required customizations, implementation and integration with other internal systems, training, support and maintenance; all on top of any licensing costs for the software itself.

Value Added Resellers for ERP | AccountantValue-added resellers, like Accountnet, are staffed by experienced consultants who understand the work being done by their clients’ organizations to provide informed, high-level engagement in ERP system selection across the enterprise. VARs have a “big picture” view of ERP implementations and can assess all the factors (including TCO) that management needs to consider before making a decision that will impact the company for years to come.

Once an ERP product is selected, VARs ensure that customizations made during the implementation process stay compatible with any future version of the software. Accountnet routinely holds demonstrations of Microsoft Dynamics GP & SL and provides answers to real-life questions that prospective clients have when reviewing ERP systems. We also provide training, an essential but under-emphasized success factor in many implementations.

For almost 20 years, Accountnet has been providing tremendous value as a Microsoft Dynamics Value Added Reseller in the Northeast, helping our clients get a handle on daily operations so that they can start leveraging the business intelligence data made available through the ERP system.  From early assistance getting an accurate estimate of TCO, through implementation, to helping clients adopt best practices to comply with regulatory reporting challenges, Accountnet’s experts are here to help grow your businesses.

Contact Accountnet when you are ready to make the move. We can help you determine the best solution for your business software needs.