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What’s New in the Jet 20.0 Spring Release

Spring has officially sprung! And you know what that means…a new Jet Global product release! We rolled out the official Jet 20.0 Release this April and want to tell you about some of the new features and benefits you can expect to see.

At Jet Global, we are always trying to make our reporting, analytics, and data management solutions easier to use, more powerful, and better. Improvement is a constant. As you might remember from our last product release, we focused on enhancements to reporting speed and updates to the navigation in every product. In the upcoming Jet 20.0 Spring Release, there are three major highlights: Microsoft Word integration, a redesigned browser, and new integrations!

Microsoft Word Integration

We know there are a ton of customers jumping for joy right now! Available in the Jet 20.0 release of Jet Reports, Word integration enables users to configure Word templates and generate their output from within Jet Reports.

Compared to the current manual process of cutting and pasting reports and charts into Word, this feature will automatically generate word documents – supplying shortcuts, reducing errors, providing consistency, and enabling real-time data.

All you have to do is click on the “Configure Word Export” button that will be added to the Jet Ribbon. Within the Word export, you can define ranges for merging Jet Reports’ data into Word, as well as selecting what charts to embed.

This new feature will give you a faster and easier way to generate Microsoft Word documents using Jet data. For Jet Designers or regular users that need to produce executive reports, financial statements, cover sheets, invoices, and billing statements, this is a huge time-saver!

This addition is especially important for business process outsourcing (BPO) organizations, who have to generate up to thousands of “Notice to Reader” financial statements in a standardized, branded template with up-to-date data, and can now have that entirely automated with Jet.