Module Spotlight

FYIsoft provides cloud-based financial reporting, budgeting, and analytics solutions that easily integrate with any Microsoft ERP (F&O, Business Central, GP, NAV, AX, SL) and many others.

FYIsoft is an ideal fit for companies with multi-entity or other complex reporting needs that seek enterprise features – without enterprise-level costs. Fast, powerful automation features are among the many features that Microsoft customers love, including:

  • Automated multi-entity consolidations and reporting
  • Automated formatting of financial statements
  • Automated, one-click distribution of all financial reports and packages
  • Familiar rows/columns/trees structure
  • Automated report conversion from existing Management Reporter or FRx reports.
  • Easy for finance to learn and use independently
  • Part of an integrated suite including reporting, budgeting, and analytics
  • Attractive price point with a strong ROI

Whether your business is moving to Business Central or longing to get more reporting power from GP, NAV, AX, or SL, FYIsoft is a cost-effective solution that helps you maximize the value of your investment. Learn more at