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We provide educational webinars, newsletters, quarterly sales events and strong post-sales support. Most important, we will ensure that you receive a consultative versus a sales approach from the sales and consulting team. Once you begin working with Accountnet, Inc., you’ll find yourself spending less time in front of a computer monitor trying to figure out your accounting system and more time strengthening vital client relationships and building your organization.


Our 20 years of experience working in the financial services industry have provided us with the skills necessary to address financial services companies’ special needs regarding importing and exporting data from outside software.

The depth and scope of Accountnet’s corporate practice stem from the diverse experience of our consulting team, who has more than 50 cumulative years of technical consulting, CFO-level expertise, accounting experience and technical service.



With many solutions to choose from, it can be hard to know what is right for your line of work. For organizations, from nonprofits to Fortune 1000s, Accountnet is the trusted advisor in the Northeast region for Microsoft Dynamics. We host seminars for Microsoft at our New York offices and provide all the training and tools you need to take your organization to new levels.

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Financial Services
Finance companies can now transition from QuickBooks to Microsoft, which boasts new currency functionalities that render manual reporting in Excel a thing of the past.
Business Services
Accountnet automates revenue accounting, and excels when complex issues occur across multiple business models, corporate entities, and currencies.
Healthcare Services
As healthcare competition increases, more sophisticated information technology tools and techniques will be imperative for organizations to gain a competitive advantage.
Non-Profits & Associations
With our software you can focus more on providing maximum value to your beneficiaries by spending less time on internal tasks, like financial and business reports.