DXC Procurement Solutions (Formerly ReQlogic)

ReQlogic is a browser-based productivity suite that is certified for use with Microsoft Dynamics® to automate purchasing, invoicing, time tracking and employee expense cycles. Its advanced workflow tools can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of all your transactions, saving time and driving down costs.

From requisition to purchasing to receiving. If your company still is still using manual systems to track the requisitions/approvals/purchasing/receiving process, your employees are wasting valuable time sorting through email chains and leaving no clear audit trails. With ReQlogic, employees enter and submit detailed requisitions through a workflow process. Once approved, the requisition can be converted to a purchase order (or fulfilled from stock) and receipts can be processed and stored.

Invoice Approval & Check Request. Enter non-PO vendor invoices and check requests directly into ReQlogic to be routed for approval. At the end of the workflow cycle, corresponding accounts payable documents are automatically created in the ERP system. This functionality streamlines the approval of vendor invoices and check requests and eliminates duplicate entry.

Define an unlimited number of approval and workflow steps. You can route requisitions or expense requests based on any attributes of a transaction, including: value, type, user, department, group, project, GL code, vendor, item — or any other custom fields specific to your organization. Authorized reviewers can edit transactions, delegate to someone else for approval or reject a transaction.

Order directly from your preferred vendor’s catalogs. The “PunchOut” feature makes it possible for your employees to access your preferred suppliers’ websites from within ReQlogic. When items are purchased, the check-out process transfers the order details into an open requisition which can then be routed to the appropriate department or individual for approval and subsequently turned into a purchase order.

Empower employees and go mobile! Employees can enter their expense reports, or import expenses from bank and credit card accounts. ReQlogic ensures that the claims comply with company policies and budget. The mobile module allows employees to enter and track the status of their transactions from their handheld devices, and enables reviewers to take actions such as approve, reject or comment before processing.

Who benefits?

Businesses that needs to streamline their purchasing process. Increasingly, hospitals and health care companies have a need to better track business data, automate transactions, share information and communicate effectively across different networks and communities of service providers. ReQlogic integrates all the financial and management functions of a company.

Businesses in heavily regulated industries. Financial services companies have special reporting requirements around Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). ReQlogic provides all the necessary detailed audit trails and controls.

Businesses that need to purchase goods and services at optimum terms and the best prices. Project-centric companies like construction firms and creative agencies face special challenges as each project starts anew, from the ground up. ReQlogic offers an ideal solution to tracking costs and managing the supply chain of subcontractors and suppliers, allowing companies to consider the multitude of other variables beyond cost that influence every decision.